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June 2024 Restructured Rate edition of SCL online now!

Image shows June 2024 Restructured Rate edition cover of South Carolina Living magazine.

The June 2024 edition of South Carolina Living magazine has been uploaded to horryelectric.com! This edition is your restructured rate guide and includes a special cover wrap with more important information!

The main part of South Carolina Living magazine, which can also be found online, includes the usual recipes, plus a few feature articles about interesting people and places in our own state!

The June 2024 edition has two pages dedicated to the restructured rate, including: 

  • CEO Column– Take control of your power bill – use energy 21 hours a day at a highly reduced rate.
  • Important Information: Details on the restructured rate, peak hours, residential rate components/breakdown.

Horry Electric to receive Grid Resilience Grant

Horry Electric Cooperative is among a group of South Carolina electric cooperatives that will receive more than $7 million in federal funding for projects dedicated to making the state’s power grid more resilient to extreme weather.

The Conway-based cooperative will receive nearly $780,000 to install self-healing devices on utility poles that serve disadvantaged communities. These devices can automatically restore power within seconds of outages caused by severe storms.

The self-healing devices will ensure a stable power supply for a range of important facilities, including a high school, a newly constructed middle school, a Walmart, a future hospital, several banks, water and sewer facilities, gas stations, and small businesses.

“We felt this project could best serve members by strengthening reliability in a vital area of our community that serves as a hub for various essential services, including schools, grocery stores, gas stations and public utilities,” Horry Electric’s Executive Vice President and CEO Danny Shelley said. “Horry Electric’s board of trustees is excited to be approved for this grant.”

The grant will cover two-thirds of the cost for the self-healing system. Horry Electric’s project is one of 18 approved in South Carolina to reduce power outages and improve restoration times.

South Carolina’s electric cooperatives and other electric utilities applied to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) for the grants, which are funded by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

Santee Cooper is administering the grants, which will primarily benefit disadvantaged communities, through its Grid Resilience Grant Program.

“The projects that were submitted range from burying overhead power lines to adding self-healing equipment that improves restoration ability,” Santee Cooper CEO Jimmy Staton said. “Collectively they will make South Carolina’s electric grid stronger in the face of hurricanes and other extreme weather. It has been our privilege to work with the DOE and so many utilities across the state who are driven to provide the best service possible to their members and customers.”

Electric cooperatives that will receive grants include:

  • Berkeley Electric: $982,228 to decrease restoration times by installing a fault location, isolation and service restoration system.
  • Broad River Electric: $183,964 to increase reliability by installing remote-controlled devices and new controls to improve monitoring and control capabilities.
  • Coastal Electric: $796,000 to improve reliability by replacing aging overhead power lines with underground lines.
  • Fairfield Electric: $1,125,000 for two projects. One will allow for remote power restoration by updating equipment and improving system monitoring and control. The other will rebuild four miles of overhead power lines serving a wastewater treatment plant in a remote area that has experienced extended outages.
  • Horry Electric: $779,823 for a self-healing system that will improve reliability and reduce outage times.
  • Palmetto Electric: $1,946,000 to replace 44 aging hydraulic reclosers with new electronically controlled reclosers with remote monitoring.
  • York Electric: $1,261,955 for five projects, including building backup power lines, installing underground line sand burying existing lines to improve system reliability.

Nominate a local hero and they could win $2,500!

Image shows a #WhoPowersYou image detailing the $500 local prize and $2,500 grand prize.

Are you inspired by someone making a difference in the community? If so, nominate a local hero in the #WhoPowersYou contest and share their story.

Horry Electric is proud to serve the members who make up the communities throughout our service area. Within these communities, there are an abundance of unsung heroes who are helping those in need and empowering their neighbors. These are the members who inspire our commitment to community and we want to celebrate them.

Anyone can nominate a neighbor. Nominees must either be a cooperative member, live in a residence served by an electric cooperative or be making a positive impact in a community served by the cooperative.

Horry Electric will choose a local winner, who will win a prize of $500. The local winner will then have a chance at being named the 2024 South Carolina #WhoPowersYou Hero and receive a $2,500 grand prize. Winners will be selected by a panel of judges based on the impact they have on our community.

Last year, Horry Electric’s local winner was named the 2024 South Carolina #WhoPowersYou Hero! You can nominate a local hero by visiting ecsc.org/WhoPowersYou, where you’ll be asked to share a photo of your nominee and answer three questions about how they are making difference in their community.

All entries must be submitted by July 31, 2024.

April 2024 Annual Member Meeting edition of SCL online now!

Image shows the April 2024 Annual Member Meeting edition cover of South Carolina Living magazine.

The April 2024 edition of South Carolina Living magazine has been uploaded to horryelectric.com! This edition is the OFFICIAL NOTICE OF THE ANNUAL MEMBER MEETING and it includes a special cover wrap with more important details!

The magazine has been mailed to ALL Horry Electric members.

The main part of South Carolina Living magazine, which can also be found online, includes the usual recipes, plus a few feature articles about interesting people and places in our own state!

The April 2024 edition has six pages dedicated to important information, including: 

  • CEO Column– Countdown to the Annual Member Meeting: New dates for 2024.
  • Official Notice of the Annual Member Meeting: Details on the Annual Member Meeting Early Drive-Thru Registration, prize drawings, and registration gift.
  • Capital Credits: Co-op returning $5.3 million in capital credits to members (expected by the end of April).
  • Board of Trustees: Meet the Board of Trustees.
  • Meet the candidates: Read more about the trustee candidates.
  • 2023 Financial View: A breakdown of the numbers; Comparative operating statistics.

March 2024 edition of South Carolina Living online!

Image shows March 2024 cover of South Carolina Living magazine.

The March 2024 edition of South Carolina Living magazine has been uploaded to horryelectric.com!

The main part of South Carolina Living magazine, which can also be found online includes the usual recipes, plus a few feature articles about interesting people and places in our own state!

The March 2024 edition has six pages dedicated to local news about your co-op. Highlights include: 

  • CEO Column: A measured ‘thank you”
  • State House Visit: Horry Electric takes part in Co-op Day.
  • WIRE Award: Nichols resident named Lady of the Year.
  • Various Co-op News: Co-op equipment needs space; Crews conduct system-wide inspections; Power pole clutter

February 2024 edition of South Carolina Living online!

Image shows February 2024 cover of South Carolina Living magazine.

The February 2024 edition of South Carolina Living magazine has been uploaded to horryelectric.com!

The main part of South Carolina Living magazine, which can also be found online includes the usual recipes, plus a few feature articles about interesting people and places in our own state!

The February 2024 edition has six pages dedicated to local news about your co-op. Highlights include: 

  • CEO Column: How winter weather impacts reliability.
  • Trustee Award: HEC’s Board of Trustees President receives the Order of the Palmetto.
  • Various Co-op News: Recognizing the heroes in hard hats; HEC WIRE Scholarship available.
  • Touchstone Energy Bowl: Local all-star builds brother, gives back to the community.

Apply now for summer youth trips!

Image shows Washington Youth Tour logo.

High school juniors and sophomores can apply now for an unforgettable experience. Horry Electric has two amazing trips planned for Summer 2024.

Washington Youth Tour (June 15-20): Juniors will experience Washington, D.C. with hundreds of students from across South Carolina and the country. Students will tour the sights and meet with lawmakers. Horry Electric will cover your round-trip plane ticket, tours and meals. Click here to apply.

Image shows Cooperative Youth Summit logo.

Cooperative Youth Summit (July 15-18): Sophomores will experience South Carolina’s capital like never before. Tour the Statehouse, meet lawmakers and see how co-ops are preparing for the state’s energy future. Click here to apply.

The deadline to submit your application is 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, January 31.

Contact Horry Electric’s Youth Tour Coordinator Jennifer Cummings (jennifer.cummings@horryelectric.com) with any questions.

Apply now for the 2024 W.I.R.E. Scholarship!

Horry Electric Cooperative’s W.I.R.E. logo.

Horry Electric Cooperative’s W.I.R.E. (Women Involved in Rural Electrification) chapter is accepting applications for the 2024 W.I.R.E. scholarship to award to a freshman entering Coastal Carolina University or Horry-Georgetown Technical College..

Applicants must be an active member of Horry Electric or dependent of an active member. If a dependent, they must live in the home with the member.

The $1,500 scholarship is for one academic year. $750 will be awarded for the fall semester and the additional $750 will be awarded for the spring semester contingent upon meeting the G.P.R. requirement.

The deadline to apply is Friday, March 1, 2024. All applications must be received by 12 p.m. (noon). All applications received after Friday, March 1, 2024 are NOT eligible.

Click here to apply.

Contact susan.brown@horryelectric.com with any questions.

Fellowship with horses brings hope, healing

Sue McKinney (second from right) stands alongside her team (from left) Jenn Faro, Hannah Blancett and Tiffany Mansy. Compliments (center) is one of 26 horses working at the Barnabas Horse Foundation.

A vision started it all. Sue McKinney, an Horry Electric member in Murrells Inlet, is a childhood trauma survivor. Her path to healing began with her love of horses.

McKinney moved to Horry County when she was 11 years old. That’s when she got her first horse. She grew up showing horses and went to school to learn horse farm management. “Horses helped me growing up,” says McKinney. “If it weren’t for my horse, I wouldn’t be sitting here today.”

A first-hand witness to how horses can help people heal, McKinney was inspired to create the Barnabas Horse Foundation in 2011. She was recently named the winner of Horry Electric’s #WhoPowersYou contest, receiving a $500 prize. She was entered into the statewide #WhoPowersYou contest for a chance to win $2,500.

“The work Mrs. McKinney and the team at Barnabas are doing is admirable,” says Executive Vice President and CEO Danny Shelley. “Her mission and purpose whole-heartedly embraces concern for community. We admire and appreciate the work Barnabas does.”

Sue McKinney uses a peppermint to make Coco smile for the camera. According to the horse professionals at Barnabas, peppermints are the horses’ favorite treats.

The Barnabas Horse Foundation began offering equine-assisted psychotherapy to abused and traumatized children. Barnabas means “encourager.” Today, the Foundation has three full-time staff members, including McKinney. Working alongside her are Jenn Faro, who nominated McKinney for the #WhoPowersYou award, Tiffany Mansy and part-time employee, Hannah Blancett. All are certified life coaches and certified victim service providers. The largest group of employees at Barnabas includes 19 standard-sized horses, seven miniature horses and a few donkeys.

As a therapeutic facility, the staff at Barnabas now provides equine-assisted psychotherapy, coaching and learning to victims of crime, veterans and first responders. McKinney and her team see 100 clients a month, on average. They work with issues ranging from bullying to sexual assault to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). With a goal of helping individuals process through their trauma and begin healing, Barnabas operates on the foundation of building healthy relationships – with horses, families and coworkers.

Neurobiology and the nervous system

Fight, flight or freeze is the body’s natural reaction to danger. Having been hunted in the wild, horses resort to this response, similar to a person who has been victimized or experienced trauma. In order to begin the healing process, McKinney and her team start with what they call “Bottom Up Regulation” to help re-wire the brain.

They start with the brainstem, the part of the brain that interconnects the cerebrum and diencephalon with the spinal cord.

“The diencephalon is the part of our brain responsible for movement,” says McKinney. “Then you have the limbic system, the part responsible for our emotions and where we build relationships. Wrapped around that is the neocortex, which is the abstract and logical part we use for math and science.”

The first step for a new client is observing the horses in their natural state. After that, the client and Barnabas horse professionals walk among the horses and meet them.

“Just from this alone, you’ve involved the brainstem, the diencephalon and the limbic system,” says McKinney. “Once we get those areas communicating with each other, then we help create pathways around the trauma up to the neocortex.

A safe space

Jenn Faro, community outreach coordinator, sits with Lily, one of the three donkeys at the Barnabas Horse Foundation farm.

Once a client meets all the horses, they choose the one they’ve connected with the most. From there, the relationship building process begins. Clients participate in activities such as grooming because it’s rhythmic and repetitive. This helps clients create a safe space. They work with their horses, while practicing breathing exercises and mindfulness.

“The felt safety allows the client to start moving in and out of what we call the ‘window of tolerance,'” says Faro. “When the client has access to their trauma, they can go in a little bit to where they’re uncomfortable, but come back to felt safety.”

Instead of reacting to their trauma, clients learn to pause, problem-solve and respond in the moment.

“Horses learn the same way,” says Faro. “An easy example is how horses are terrified of plastic bags. As Sue and I were riding one day, a bag started rolling through the pasture and some of the horses started to run away. The horses we were on paused. They were able to problem solve and think, “Wait a minute, that’s just a plastic bag and not a monster to eat me.”

Feeling God’s blessings

Practicing building healthy, connected relationships is not only for clients, but for the staff at Barnabas. Helping a client process through their trauma is hard emotionally, mentally and physically for the life coaches.

“We can’t take our clients any farther than what we’re willing to do ourselves,” says McKinney. “You learn how to process through it and not focus on what has happened, but how you can help the person move forward.”

While some days are more challenging than others, McKinney and her team take time to recognize and feel God’s blessings.

Four part-time staff members, more than 65 volunteers and numerous sponsorships help Barnabas provide free services to clients, while also taking care of the horses. “It takes a village to run this foundation and we are so blessed,” says McKinney.

Barnabas Horse Foundation is the only alternative therapy program in the state that receives a Victims of Crime Advocacy (VOCA) grant from the South Carolina Attorney General’s Office. Preparing to accept their eighth grant, McKinney hopes to continue helping people through fellowship with horses. Her vision for the future is to create an entire wellness center and hire more staff.

Sue McKinney (left) sits with Tiffany Mansy in the field, while Hannah Blancett feeds one of the miniature horses a peppermint candy.

Have your contact information listed on your account and be entered to win!

Stay connected with Horry Electric Cooperative on any device 24/7/365.

Image shows Horry Electric’s MyOutage program logo.

Cell Phone Numbers

With a cell phone number listed on your account, you can receive important text alerts about holiday closings or storm related information.

After a cell phone number is entered on the account, members will be automatically enrolled in Horry Electric’s outage text alert program – MyOutage. You can report power outages and request service updates.

Once enrolled, if you experience an outage, text the keywords (below) to 1-844-369-2767:

  • OUT – Report an outage at service address associated with the phone number
  • STATUS – Request the status of an outage
  • HELP – Provides information about HEC’s text program and a number to call for additional support
  • QUIT – Cancels participation in outage text alerts

Email Addresses

Image shows Horry Electric’s Current Word newsletter logo.

Members with an email address listed on their account will receive important news and information. We’ll send you the Current Word monthly newsletter, program promotions and important announcements to keep you in the loop.

Emails will come from HECNewsandInfo@horryelectric.com.

How to add/update your information

To add or update your contact information, log in to your MyEnergy Online account by clicking here, email service@horryelectric.com or call 843-369-2211 to speak with a member service representative.

Any member who adds or updates their contact information to include a cell phone number and email address during the month of October will be automatically entered into a prize drawing. Members who currently have their cell phone number and email address listed will also be included in the prize drawing. Five lucky members will win a $50 electric bill credit.

The contest rules are outlined below.

Horry Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Contact Information Sign-Up Competition & Prizes
Official Rules, Terms, and Conditions

1. Enrollment and Purchase Required.

2. Timing. The Contact Information Sign-Up Competition & Prizes (“Promotion”) begins at 12:01 AM Eastern Time (“ET”) on October 1, 2023, and ends at 11:59 PM ET on October 31, 2023 (the “Promotion Period”).

3. Overview. This promotion is a submission contest solely intended for members of Horry Electric Cooperative, Inc. (“Cooperative”) who currently have or update their contact information, including a mobile number and email address during the Promotion Period. Interested parties (the “Entrant” or “Submitter”) may be:

a)     an individual member of the Cooperative (“Entrant”), or

b)     an individual member entering on behalf of a legally-registered organization or association that is a member of the Cooperative (“Submitter”).

Entrants and/or Submitters may add or update their contact information, and five randomly selected Entrants will be awarded a $50.00 (USD) bill credit on their next bill from the Cooperative.

4. To Enter. Entrants and/or Submitters may add/update their contact information online by clicking here, emailing service@horryelectric.com or by calling 843-369-2211. Entrants and/or Submitters will be entered into the contest if the currently have their contact information on their account or if they add/update their contact information. Entries submitted in violation of the contest entry rules will not be considered [be void]. All entries become the property of the Cooperative and will not be returned. All entries must be received by 11:59 PM ET on October 31, 2023, the official end date of the Promotion Period.

5. Eligibility. Entrant and/or Submitter must be at least eighteen (18) years of age at time of entry, and the Entrant and/or Submitter must be a member of the Cooperative.  The following are not eligible to participate: a) officers, directors, and employees of the Cooperative; and b) the immediate family members (spouse, parents, children, siblings, and their respective spouses) of Cooperative employees and household members with whom they may reside (whether related or not); existing members of the Cooperative who are currently registered for Surge Guard. This Promotion is void outside of South Carolina and is subject to all applicable federal, state, and local laws.

6. Judging Criteria. Five winners will be randomly drawn from all properly submitted entries by November 10, 2023.

7. Prize Awarding. The five winners will be randomly selected and announced on or about November 10, 2023 from among all eligible entries received. The five winners will be notified that the credit has been applied to their respective accounts.

8. Prizes/Odds. There will be five (5) prizes awarded: five $50.00 (USD) statement credits on the member’s next bill from the Cooperative. Odds of winning will be based on a random drawing from the total group of eligible submissions.

9. Terms/Conditions.

a) By submitting an entry, Entrant warrants and represents that he/she is a member of a South Carolina Electric Cooperative;

b) By submitting an entry, Submitter warrants and represents that he/she registered a legally-registered organization or association that is a member of the Cooperative;

c) The Cooperative reserves the right to disqualify any submission at any time in the event the Cooperative determines, in its sole discretion, that the submission is inappropriate, not in keeping with Cooperative’s image, or that an Entrant or Submitter has not otherwise complied with these Official Rules, Terms, and Conditions;

d) By claiming a prize, the winner agrees that the Cooperative, and its officers, employees, members, affiliates, agents, and advertising and promotional agencies, [do not have any] have no liability whatsoever for any injuries, losses, or damages of any kind related to participation in this Promotion, or from acceptance or use/misuse of any prize offered;

e) Acceptance of a prize shall constitute the winner’s agreement that the Cooperative or its agent(s) may use and/or display the winner’s name, address (city, state only), likeness, entry (and content) and/or prize information, without limitation, for promotional purposes, without further consideration, except where prohibited by law;

f) You agree to release Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media platform and acknowledge that this promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by or associated with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media platform;

g) All taxes on prizes (if applicable) are the sole responsibility of the winner;

h) Prizes are not transferable or assignable, except to a surviving spouse, or at the sole discretion of the Cooperative.

10. Direct Marketing. By entering the Promotion, Entrant acknowledges that he/she may receive various marketing or other information from the Cooperative or its affiliated member electric cooperatives regarding their products or services. If an Entrant does not desire to receive this information, an Entrant may opt out by calling 843.369.2211 or emailing service@horryelectric.com.

11. Sponsor. Horry Electric Cooperative, Inc., 2774 Cultra Road, Conway, SC 29526.

Void outside of South Carolina and wherever prohibited or restricted by law.

Horry Electric has restructured rates to give you control of your bill. The restructured rates will be effective for all members beginning with September 2024 use that appears on your October 2024 statement. Advance Pay members will be effective October 1 for October use. Click below to learn more about rates and peak hours.