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Your Monthly Bill

Meters are read daily and accounts are billed monthly. 

Payment must be received and processed prior to the due date. The Cooperative is not responsible for postal delivery delays. Payments not received by the due date are considered delinquent and service is subject to disconnection.

All payments received and processed after the due date will be charged a penalty fee of 5%.

If an account is disconnected for non-payment, the balance due must be paid before the account can be reconnected. A $40 reconnect fee will be added to the next bill. For reconnection on weekends and after normal business hours, an additional fee of $25 will be charged.

Deposits are required on all services unless waived, according to board policy. The Cooperative reserves the right to require deposits on existing accounts (waived or refunded) if the member’s account appears on the cut-off list within the first 12 months of service, or anytime thereafter, if the credit record necessitates. The required deposit will be double the highest month’s bill over the previous 12 months, or $200, and will be automatically charged to your account. Your account will become due and payable on your next bill due date. If the deposit is not paid by that date, service will be disconnected.

When writing a check, please write your account number on your check to ensure accurate posting. Enclose your payment stub with your payment.

Outside depository is available after hours. Be sure to enclose your payment stub with your payment. Do not deposit cash in the night deposit.

If two returned checks are received within a two-year period of time, the account will be marked as ‘No checks.’

If a member on Bank Draft has two returned drafts in a two-year time period, their bank draft status will be discontinued and the account will be marked as ‘cash only.’