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Sign up for peak alert notifications and help hold down wholesale power costs.


Have a new water heater, or one less than five years old? Call us to see if you qualify for a rebate!

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View an estimate of your solar generation potential, ongoing costs and estimated payback for a rooftop solar system.


Protect your home against unexpected voltage surges with our Surge Guard program.

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View a tiered incentive for non-residential rate LED lighting replacement.

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Smart Thermostat


Horry Electric’s Smart Thermostat Program offers many benefits:

  • Receive a $50 electric bill credit if you stay opted in to 60% or more of the control events for the 12 months following the thermostat coming online. The $50 credit is an ongoing annual opportunity as long as the program continues.
  • Multiple options to fit your needs. Members can purchase, at a reduced price, an ecobee3 lite or ecobee Smart Thermostat with Voice Control and receive a free professional installation. Already have an ecobee3 lite, ecobee Smart Thermostat with Voice Control or Emerson Sensi thermostat? Enroll in our Bring Your Own Thermostat program today to receive a $50 bill credit and have the opportunity for the $50 annual rebate.
  • Help your cooperative hold down power rates.

Purchase/Enroll ecobee

Enroll Emerson Sensi


A smart thermostat is a programmable thermostat that connects to your home’s Wi-Fi and gives you the ability to adjust your thermostat setting to fit your schedule and save energy.

By participating in the smart thermostat program, members will agree to allow the cooperative to control the thermostat during peak periods.

  1. You must be a member of Horry Electric Cooperative;
  2. You must be the homeowner;
  3. You must sign the participation agreement;
  4. You must have an internet-connected, Wi-Fi enabled home.

Horry Electric members have several options. You can purchase the ecobee3 lite and/or the ecobee4 smart thermostat. Both have a digital touchscreen display and both can be controlled and scheduled using a computer or smart device (phone or tablet). If you already have an ecobee3 lite, ecobee4, or an Emerson Sensi smart thermostat, you can participate in our BYOT program.

The ecobee3 lite can be purchased for $84, which is almost half of the normal retail price. The ecobee4 can be purchased for $151.

The ability to schedule your thermostat settings or to adjust them remotely can help avoid heating and cooling your home at unnecessary levels when no one is there. Based on a 2013 analysis, ecobee customers saved up to 23-percent (23%) on their heating and cooling costs.

You’ll be notified of control during peak times on the device’s display with an option to override. You can override control up to 40-percent (40%) of the time. If you exceed 40-percent, you will not qualify for the $50 12-month bill credit.

For any member that stays opted in 60-percent (60%) or more of the control events for the 12 months following their thermostat coming online, they will receive a $50 electric bill credit. The $50 credit is an ongoing annual opportunity as long as the program continues.

When the cooperative purchases power, energy during those peak hours is more expensive. The more we can cut down on how much energy is used during those periods, the lower our power bill will be. We will use those savings to hold down costs for our members.

H2O Select

New Water Heaters

If you’re an Horry Electric member/homeowner and you’re ready for a new water heater, contact our Energy Management Department. We offer rebates of $125 and $250 for qualifying installations. Qualifications includes an agreement to allow a load control device on the unit.

Water Heaters less than 5 years old

If you have a water heater less than five years old, you may qualify for a one-time $50 credit on your electric bill. Members agree to allow the Cooperative to install a load control device on a qualifying, minimum 50-gallon electric water heater.

Qualifying water heaters can be no older than five (5) years of age and must meet ASHRAE Standard 90 or the National Appliance Efficiency Standard (NAES).

NOTE: Hybrid water heaters do not currently qualify for the program because the Cooperative cannot install load control devices on those units.

Approved Electrical Contractors

Approved Plumbing Contractors


There are two ways to qualify for H2O Select. If you’re in need of a new water heater, purchase a new 50-gallon (minimum) or 80-gallon (minimum) electric water heater that meets co-op approval. Once installed, the co-op will inspect your new system, place a load control device on the unit and issue you a check.

NOTE: Hybrid water heaters do not currently qualify for the program because the Cooperative cannot install load control devices on those units.

If you have a water heater less than five years old, members agree to allow the Cooperative to install a load control device on a qualifying, minimum 50-gallon electric water heater. Once installed, the Cooperative will credit $50 to the member’s account.

  1. Water heating systems must have minimum capacity of 50- or 80-gallons and meet ASHRAE 90.1 standards.
  2. An off-peak load management device, installed by Horry Electric, is required for you to receive money back.
  3. Work must meet all applicable electrical and plumbing codes.
  4. Electrical supply wire must be 10-2 AWG with ground, copper wire only and connected to a 30-amp two-pole breaker. Only copper wire will be accepted.
  5. All dual tank installations must meet Horry Electric specifications.
  6. No single water heating element may exceed 4,500 watts.
  7. At the water heater location, install a 30-amp, non-fusible disconnect if they circuit breaker panel is not within sight. A 4-inch square metal junction box with combination ½ inch and ¾ inch knockout slots with a blank cover is acceptable whenever a circuit breaker panel is within sight.
  8. Water heaters with Wi-Fi or smart controls are not eligible to participate in the H2O Select program.
  1. Member completes the H2O Select Enrollment Form, giving Horry Electric permission to have an approved contractor install the load management device.
  2. An approved contractor or Horry Electric representative will review the form and verify the water heater meets the qualifications of the program.
  3. The switch is installed.
  4. A rebate check of $250 or $125 is given to the member, or a $50 credit per qualifying water heater is applied to the member’s account.

Switch installations must comply with all local and state plumbing, as well as the National Electric Code (NEC) specifications.

Free financing is available to members looking to purchase a new electric water heater. Horry Electric will make all the financing arrangements for you and provide no-interest, no-cost, upfront financing. This option is available to qualified members with a new minimum 50-gallon water heater with load control device. Payments are spread equally over 12 months and are added to your Horry Electric bill.

Your electric water heater will provide you with plenty of hot water for washing clothes, showering and other things when you need it. However, the unit will operate only during off-peak hours, when demand for electricity is lowest. In other words, H2O Select saves Horry Electric money by working during off-hours and reducing the amount of kilowatt-hours purchased. This helps hold down wholesale power costs, which in turn helps Horry Electric keep rates down to pass those savings on to you.

Horry Electric’s Trusted Energy Advisors will be happy to help you evaluate your hot water needs based on your home size and family size and will recommend a water heater that best suits your needs. You get the right amount of hot water storage by using a single, large-capacity tank or by linking two tanks. Your Trusted Energy Advisor will recommend the most cost-effective option.

Load control uses a small control switch, which interrupts power to an appliance or motor. This switch is connected to your appliance. Through operation of the switch, Horry Electric is able to take the load of the appliance off of the system for short periods of time, during peak hours of energy use. Peak periods are typically during hot summer afternoons or cold winter mornings.

Horry Electric has a list of qualified, approved contractors who are responsible for switch installations.

The installation should not take longer than an hour. For the installation of a water heater switch, an appointment is necessary. If you’re having more than one switch installed, the entire installation will take longer than an hour.

Please let the new renter/owner know about the switch and that you are participating in the load management program. We will be glad to answer any questions the new renter/owner may have about our program.

You will need to make the service technician aware that you are participating in the H2O Select program, so they do not inadvertently disconnect the switch. Ask the technician to call Horry Electric if they have questions. In addition to keeping a list of approved contractors to install the switches, we keep a list of qualified, approved plumbing contractors.

Surge Guard

To reduce problems associated with indirect lightning and power surges, Horry Electric offers affordable, flexible protection through its Surge Guard® program. Surge Guard helps protect against unexpected voltage surges that can harm or even ruin electronic devices such as major appliances and TVs, DVD players or personal computers. Surge Guard is really a two-step program. We help you with the first step, which takes place outside at the meter base. The second step occurs indoors where individual surge suppressors are installed to provide your television, telephone, stereo and other electronic equipment with reliable, state-of-the-art surge protection. Selection and installation of secondary protection units are both up to the individual member. Horry Electric can help you find the right protection for your specific needs. A good ground system is essential for surge equipment to work properly. KENICK Surge Protection 101

Commercial & Industrial Lighting Rebate

The LED lighting rebate is for non-residential rate members. A tiered incentive amount will be paid, based on lighting use during on-peak periods, up to a maximum of 50% of total project costs.

All LED installations must meet lighting standards (DLC).

The project must be pre-approved for reimbursement and must be completed after January 1, 2023 and before December 31, 2023.

Community Solar

Community Solar allows Horry Electric members to share in the benefits of solar without having to do anything.

Horry Electric has a 240-kilowatt (KW) Community solar farm across the street from the Conway office, located on Cultra Road. All eligible Horry Electric residential members have the opportunity to purchase a maximum of five (5) shares of solar power from the farm.

If you’re interested and ready to sign up for the Community Solar program, call us at 843.369.2211.


  1. Decide how many blocks of solar power are right for you. If you’d like more Community Solar later on, and it is available, you can select additional blocks.
  2. Complete the subscription agreement and pay the non-refundable upfront charge of $100 per block subscribed. You have the option of subscribing from one to five blocks at the monthly price of $25 per block.
  3. Start receiving solar energy credits on your monthly electric bill. Each month, you will receive a credit for a portion of the production from the Community Solar farm. Your portion is based on how many solar blocks you have selected.

Any standard post-pay residential Horry Electric member may participate in the Community Solar program on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • It’s hassle free. This means there are no holes in your roof and there’s no system to set up and maintain.
  • The co-op assumes all liabilities and maintenance on the solar system.
    • No solar panel cleaning or safety concerns
  • No Homeowners Association restrictions
  • Subscriptions are transferable from location to location with the member.
  • Community Solar creates clean energy that is environmentally friendly.
  • Non-refundable upfront charge – $100 per block
  • Monthly charge – $25 per block
  • Monthly credit – Average of 150 kWh
  • Applicable tax credits are figured into the Community Solar program pricing.

The average residential member uses approximately 1,200 kWh per month.

Please note: These figures are only averages; solar energy production will fluctuate month-to-month based on the weather and time of year.

You are subscribing to the energy produced by the solar farm in blocks of kW.

The overall program term is 25 years. There is no minimum term, but a 30-day notice is required for cancellation.

Horry Electric’s first Community Solar array will produce approximately 250 kW per month, which is roughly equivalent to the energy used by 31 average homes in HEC’s service are. However, it is important to note that solar production will vary from month to month based on weather and time of year. For the average home, one block will cover approximately 12.5% of the home’s energy use.

While the cost of installing solar panels on your home varies greatly from house to house, the pricing for our Community Solar program is in line with the average cost of putting solar panels on the home without having equipment installed on your property.

If your subscription produces more energy than your home consumes in one month, the extra solar energy goes into a “bank” on your account that will be used in the next month(s). Any excess production credit will be rolled over to the following month and be reset to zero annually on September 1.

If the Community Solar arrays are damaged during a storm, you will receive a proportionate share of the energy produced by any non-damaged panels while repairs are made.

CNB Loan Program

Horry Electric and Conway National Bank (CNB) have a program partnership to offer financing for energy efficient home improvements. Members who are homeowners and have a minimum of 18 months of service with timely payments are eligible to apply.

New construction and rental properties are not eligible for the program. 

Approved CNB Loan Program Contractors

Energy Saver

Discover Energy Saving Opportunities which may be available for your home or business through Energy Saver