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Requirements to Connect Commercial Service

  • Signed Membership Application
  • Signed Personal Guarantee form
  • Account Authorization form must be signed designating individual(s) as Handles Business
  • One of the following that applies to your business:
    • Signed Purchase Agreement: Copy of Settlement Statement with Service Address shown
      • If the building is a mobile home, a copy of the Certified License Application form indicating that the license fee has been paid to the Horry County Assessor’s Office is required.
    • Signed Rental Agreement: Copy of Lease Agreement with Service Address shown
    • Signed Property Management Agreement: Copy of Agreement designating Property Manager as Agent with Service Address shown
    • Signed Real Estate Agreement: Copy of Listing Agreement with Service Address shown
  • Copy of Articles of Incorporation
  • Federal ID number
  • Membership fee – $5.00
  • Activation/connect fee – $20.00 per meter
  • Application fee – $10.00 per meter
  • Security deposit – required for each meter. 
  • Unpaid or past due balance on another service must be satisfied before connecting a new location.
  • Service will not be connected for a tenant if the landlord owes a debt at the same location.
  • No past meter or account history will be given until a rental or purchase agreement has been received and application for service accepted.
  • Click here to apply for a commercial account

All meter bases connected to the Horry Electric Cooperative System must meet certain specifications in order for power to be connected.