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Understanding Peak

What is Peak Demand?

Peak times are when most members use electricity at the same time. This is typically on hot summer afternoons and cold winter mornings. This is when power costs Horry Electric the most to purchase.

Think of the Peak Charge like the interstate. For a few hours a day, rush hour traffic clogs up the interstate. When the cars are bumper-to-bumper, the highway is at “peak” demand.

It works the same way for power grids. When you come home from work and start cooking dinner, washing and drying clothes, and taking showers, you are putting demand on the system. Now, think about how everyone in your neighborhood is doing the same thing. This is when power grids are at “peak” demand.

The Peak Charge is the cost of your highest one hour of energy used in the billing period during peak hours. 

View your Account Comparison or estimate your bill using the Rate Calculator.

Horry Electric has restructured rates to give you control of your bill. The restructured rates will be effective for all members beginning with September 2024 use that appears on your October 2024 statement. Advance Pay members will be effective October 1 for October use. Click below to learn more about rates and peak hours.