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Board of Trustees

Meet the Board

Horry Electric Cooperative’s Board of Trustees is made up of nine individuals who have each been elected to serve as representatives of the membership. The service area has been divided into nine trustee districts and the representative for each is required to live in the district they represent.

A list of members of the Board of Trustees appears in the local edition of South Carolina Living magazine each month on Page 4. You may also view an interactive map of the districts the Board of Trustees serve.

Johnny M. Shelley

President, District No. 3

Eugene Harriott, Jr.

Vice President, District No. 8

Ashley Anderson

Secretary/Treasurer, District No. 7

Elaine D. Gore

District No. 1

Aaron C. Johnson

District No. 2

Franklin C. Blanton

District No. 4

Ronald H. Floyd

District No. 5

Jody D. Prince

District No. 6

Freddy Thompkins

District No. 9

Daniel B. Shelley, III, CPA

Executive Vice President and CEO

Kenneth Moss

Co-op Attorney

How to Become a Trustee of Horry Electric Cooperative, Inc.

Details about how to become a trustee of Horry Electric Cooperative are published each year in the November/December edition of South Carolina Living magazine. Information can also be found in Article V of the Bylaws of Horry Electric Cooperative, Inc.