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August edition of SCL online!

Image shows August cover of South Carolina Living magazine.

The August 2021 edition of South Carolina Living magazine has been uploaded to horryelectric.com!

The main part of South Carolina Living magazine, which can also be found online includes the usual recipes, plus a few feature articles about interesting people and places in our own state!

The August 2021 edition has six pages dedicated to local news about your co-op. Highlights include: 

  • CEO Column: Value of electricity – How power enhances our everyday lives.
  • Virtual Youth Experience: Local students speak with state leaders during week-long web conference.
  • Smart Solutions Store: Members can now shop for energy-efficiency products online.
  • Snakes, Mother Nature, and power outages: How animals, such as snakes, can cause power outages and why these types of outages are becoming more common.
  • Generating your own power?: Generators are a high concern during storms, but especially during hurricane season. What you need to know and how you can help keep our crews safe.
  • Sweet wheels, sweet treats, sweet meaning: One of Horry Electric’s advanced line technicians talks about his new business adventure and how the business was inspired by his family.

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