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Built on a strong foundation

February 2020 as printed in South Carolina Living Magazine

Daniel B. Shelley, III
Executive Vice President and CEO

YOUR CO-OP IS BUILT on a strong foundation. In addition to the Seven Co-op Principles, we hold ourselves to the four Touchstone Energy Cooperative values of integrity, accountability, innovation, and commitment to community. These values represent the cooperative difference. We strive to demonstrate that difference. Every. Single. Day.

Commitment to Community
There is a project that has been in the news that we’re excited to be in a unique position to help make happen.

While we’re not in the driver’s seat on the possible multi-use community facility project, we can help put gas in the truck through provisions of the Rural Development Act. Horry Electric has about $400,000 per year that could either be sent to the State Tax Commission in Columbia or be kept in Horry County for the purpose of economic development.

We think it’s much better to keep the funds here at home. The possibilities are without limit and it will create much-needed jobs.

Integrity and Innovation
Members come first at Horry Electric. Every day. That’s the power of co-op membership. As a not-for-profit electric cooperative, we deliver energy to members at the cost of service and not for the profit of any shareholders.

We are always looking forward. Whether it’s exploring renewable energy projects or developing programs to promote energy efficiency, we celebrate innovation at all levels.

We are local people, serving you. Accountability is important. We are excited about a new law passed in 2019, designed to augment our accountability to you.

Effective January 1, a member with an unresolved dispute regarding disconnection of service due to electric bill nonpayment may file a complaint with the South Carolina Office of Regulatory Staff (ORS) Customer Care Department pursuant to S.C. Code of Laws Section 33-49-255. ORS Customer Care can be contacted at 1-800-922-1531 or online at www.ors.sc.gov/consumers. ORS cannot assist cooperative members in establishing payment arrangements to avoid service interruption.

This is an option if we, for example, fail to adhere to standard protocols for disconnection. For regular accounts, there is a 25-day allowance from the date of billing. Advance Pay participants get a negative balance notification the day prior to disconnection and disconnects are scheduled no earlier than 10 a.m.

Stay tuned. Other aspects of the new law will be shared in the magazine as they go into effect over the next two years.

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Horry Electric has restructured rates to give you control of your bill. The restructured rates will be effective for all members beginning with September 2024 use that appears on your October 2024 statement. Advance Pay members will be effective October 1 for October use. Click below to learn more about rates and peak hours.