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South Carolina Living magazine available online

The horrycovernovember2017November/December 2017 edition of South Carolina Living magazine will be delivered to the mailboxes of subscribing members mid-month. Horry Electric’s local content, as well as the main part of the magazine, are both available online NOW!

Plus, you can find the local content for all of the Horry Electric SCL editions published in 2017 on horryelectric.com!

This month’s highlights include:

  • CEO message: Giving thanks for your support – especially in one important way
  • Horry News: Right-of-way update; Do you have special medical needs? Check out our H2O Load Management and H2O Select programs
  • Merry Christmas from all of us
  • Nativity Exhibition at Maple Baptist Church
  • How to become a trustee of Horry Electric 
  • Annual Meeting Time Schedule


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